I am honored you have landed on my website and I look forward to serving you. 

I am devoted to energy healing and I am honored to offer a place that is safe and supportive of each individuals needs for emotional and spiritual energy healing. 

I have a place where people can come and heal themselves, to overcome core fears and negative beliefs, including teachings on how to increase their intuition and spiritual gifts by providing tools and teachings on living life connected to source and surrendering to the universal life flow of abundance, love and health. 

I am currently taking new clients for medical intuitive readings and energy healing sessions.  I use various energy healing modalities and able to determine which will be the most beneficial to the needs of each of my individual clients. These sessions are to assist in your healing process and in healing your emotional wounds including the wounded child through timeline healing. These sessions bring amazing results and shifts in your ability to forgive yourself and others, to heal yourself and your relationships and shift your consciousness. 

I also offer monthly seminars and workshops that will assist you in your continued goals for individual growth and healing while increasing your energy and alignment to your divine timing. You can also find that I offer spiritual retreats that connect us to each other, our community and a tribe of spiritual sisters, healers, visionaries, lightworkers, multi dimensional and empaths.

I offer these sessions by appointment either by phone, skype or in-person and seminars are held in person at my office in Carrollton, Texas.  I am helping the DFW area by offering this center for Spiritual Healing, Self-Care and Learning as we continue to expand our Consciousness and Raise our Vibrations for a Better World, all are welcomed.

Pamela Jackson, Mystical Healer - Teacher - Spiritual Coach

Pamela Jackson

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