How Does Thetahealing Work

Thetahealing Sessions 

Thetahealing can open the door to the answers that you seek! A sense of peacefulness and calmness as you become more balanced and centered into your new way of life. 

What is required of you? A willingness to work on yourself and a belief in a creator, Source, Spirit, God, the creator of all that is, depending on your religion or spiritual beliefs. Thetahealing is not associated with any religious affiliations and all are welcomed. 

What can Thetahealing do for me? 

  • You will gain a greater feeling of well-being and health. 
  • Heal physical conditions and dis-ease. 
  • Resolve traumas and emotional issues. 
  • Release anger, resentments, fears and phobias.
  • Develop harmonious and healthy relationships. 
  • Manifest your dreams, create wealth and abundance. 
  • Develop your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. 
  • Deepen your connection to the creator of all that is, God. 
  • Unlock your creativity, your genius potential and ideal career. 
  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem. 
  • You will gain insight and clarity. 
  • Find your ideal and divine soul mate.

If there is anything in your life you wish you could change, you would benefit from a theta healing session. Everyone benefits in some way and sometimes they come in ways not expected. 

Thetahealing does what hypnosis does but in a shorter time frame and with better and longer lasting results.

Thetahealing is a powerful tool that combines spirituality and science to identify deeply held limiting beliefs, negative patterns and unhealthy programs to transform the unconscious mind. 

Where do you begin? Your Thetahealing journey begins with Thetahealing┬« Basic DNA. You can even buy the book and learn the tools and techniques yourself. If you decide you would like to work with an instructor you can find instructors on the Thetahealing website at and of course I am a Thetahealing Instructor. 

I offer Thetahealing Practitioner Courses for Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting & Abundance which covers all of your 4 basic courses that everyone is required to take as you move through the Thetahealing programs and soon I will be offering You and Your Relationships and You and God.