Stuff That I am Really Good At

Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Anatomy Readings and Intuitive Guidance.
Pamela is able to remote view you in person or 1000's of miles away. She can intuitively find hidden emotions within the mind, body & spirit that may cause you to feel an inner chaos instead of an inner peace.
Intuitive Readings may include timelines and spiritual guidance. Your questions may lead to additional time, understandings, clearings and spiritual healings. 

Thetahealing intuitive Sessions & Seminars

Access Bars Sessions and Seminars

Reiki Master Energy Healing Sessions and Training

EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer

Spiritual Coaching and Law of Attraction Coaching.
Do you need guidance in the Law of Attraction or how to Integrate Spiritual Teachings into all areas of your life?. Pam has the training, tools and skills to assist and guide you for a fulfilling your destiny, desires and dreams. 
Spiritual & Energy Healing.
Cord Cutting and Spiritual Divorce.
Spiritual Blessing, Cleansing and Clearing of Person, Home or Office Space. 
Clearing of Waywards, Attachments and Entities. 
Past Life Healing and Trauma Release.
DNA Upgrades.
Baby in the Womb and Time Line Healing.
 Clearing of Vows, Oaths and Contracts from Past Lives, Lives between Lives and This Life.
Inner Child and Time Line Healing.

Disclaimers and Disclosures: Pamela Jackson is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose conditions. Pamela is trained in and hold many certifications in multiple complimentary and spiritual healing techniques. What is communicated during sessions are only suggestions. These suggestions do not take the place of treatment of a medical professional.