Barriers to Healing

Healing is more than just about maintaining a positive state of physical wellness. 

The four main energies that make up our existence—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—are all included in healing. We require healing to restore the balance of those forces if one or more of these regions are not operating at their peak. Even though we are physically fit, we still require healing if our interpersonal connections are troubled. Alternatively, we might have some sort of physical weakness, but if we’ve accepted that condition and embraced a different way of life, we can say that we’re healing because we’re not rejecting what isn’t physically “working,” but rather, we’re seeing it as a crucial component of what makes us who we are. 

It’s all too simple to view yourself as a collection of symptoms rather than as a complete human being, including your spirit, after any significant bodily “insult,” as they put it, leading you to become your sickness. After all, healing is not the same as curing; it entails allowing the present to draw us nearer to God rather than returning to the way things formerly were.

What are the barriers to healing?

Why is it that we sometimes don’t heal as we should? How does a little injury or ailment turn into a raging epidemic that wears out the body and causes additional chronic illnesses to develop? Why do some people struggle to move on after going through a challenging time in their lives? 

Sometimes we don’t recover because therapy or medical care can only address a portion of the issue we’re having. In order to notice a significant improvement in their overall quality of health, people with chronic illnesses may need to make lifestyle changes, such as adjustments to their diets, regular exercise, stress-reduction techniques, or the establishment of healthy boundaries in their interpersonal relationships.

People who have experienced trauma frequently experience symptoms in their bodies for a long time after the occurrence because the wound is still open on an emotional or spiritual level. According to a study that appeared in the January 2009 edition of Archives of General Psychiatry, people who experienced physical or emotional abuse as children are more likely to experience chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 

It’s crucial to remember that unresolved profound traumas do continue to play out in our life long after the incident has passed. Other causes of adult CFS may include environmental triggers or an inflammatory reaction that went awry (again, also traumas of their own). Even if we do recognize previous traumas, we might not have sufficiently processed the event to allow for profound healing. Depending on the trauma, facilitating the healing process may require patience, dedication, and one or more approaches.

People occasionally unable to heal because they are in some way resistive. Either they have a hard time letting go mentally of their identity as a “ill” person because they have experienced so much negative reinforcement about being sick in the form of attention—from doctors, family, or other caretakers. Some people do not believe they are deserving of healing, which is another reason why they do not heal.

It might be challenging to let go of negative mental conditioning that permits sickness to develop and settle in if a person has low self-esteem or has ever been made to feel that they don’t deserve to be happy or have wonderful things happen to them. These individuals are not “bad” or “messed-up.” Healing cannot start unless individuals realize these patterns and process their experiences in a different way. They have just been conditioned for a very long time to believe and integrate their experiences in these ways.

Are you ready to recover and heal and you know that the moment has come to locate the right person to help you on your path to spiritual healing? Pam will tune into you, your emotions, and your physical body during a spiritual healing and coaching session. 

You can release trauma, abuse, clear resentments, grudges, anger, and improve relationships with partners and family members with only one session. Remove obstacles in the way of prosperity and heal your inner child. 

Prayer, meditation, and divine guidance from the Creator, who surrounds everything in a Healing Energy of Love, are the main methods of healing. 

Pam Jackson

Published by Pam Jackson

My name is Pam Jackson, and I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Master Energy Healer and a Thetahealing Instructor who offers private and group readings, and healings. I also facilitate Thetahealing seminars for personal or professional growth.

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